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Laboratory Animal Services Center (LASC)

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You are a researcher looking to get access to LASC facilities? A professor / licence holder looking for information about how to get a cage contingent? You already have access but your employment changed?

You want to order animals or pharmaceuticals? Need to use an IVIS or an Irradiation unit for your experiments? You need advice regarding sick animals? You know how to set up a transfer work order but want to look up the deadlines?

Animal Management System (iRATS)

iRATS (animal database)

More about iRATS (animal database)

Helpful FAQs, user guides and video tutorials await you here. Not to forget release notes of recent or upcoming iRATS updates.


You always wondered how LASC is organised? Want to know more about our facilities and everything that comes with it? You like to stay up to date with the newest news? Or do you want to work for us?

Browse through our FAQs, check out our link list or simply contact us via mail, phone or contact form.


Everything that you need to know about GMOs, single housing and transport of animals. Plus some information about inspections and our LASC user agreement.


LASC news