Welcome to the website of the Laboratory Animal Services Center (LASC).

Our mission is to support biomedical research at the University of Zurich by providing various specialised support services, primarily in the field of animal husbandry and veterinary services.

In addition, the LASC is responsible for the Animal Management System (iRATS) and it can provide individual training for scientists regarding common experimental procedures.

Information for new users (introductory courses):

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Did you know?

Contact the area representative of your LASC approved vendor now to discuss your animal numbers for 2022. The vendors might not only have additional discounts available for you. Planning and reserving well-ahead will also help improving animal welfare in laboratory animals.
For more information, contact the LASC animal order team.


We welcome our new employees in October:

  • Gisep Bazzel (animal caretaker)
  • Simona Cedeira Dominguez (animal caretaker)


Information on additional service offers & pricing by commercial vendors for UZH members:

Janvier: https://www.janvier-labs.com/en/quotation/; or contact: olivier.dillenseger@janvier-labs.com

Envigo: https://www.envigo.com/lasc

Charles River: https://www.criver.com/info-pi-rm-university-zurich-portal