Animal Orders

Centralized animal ordering via iRATS

The Laboratory Animal Services Center provides centralized animal ordering (only for animals from approved providers, see table below) through our animal management system iRATS.

Please note that the use of iRATS is mandatory and NO DIRECT orders from suppliers are permitted!

To import animals from non-approved providers see instructions here.

Contact (in case of questions):

Tel. +41 44 635 55 96

Overview of approved suppliers for all rodent facilities of the University of Zurich with respective ordering deadlines

Accepted Supplier Ordering deadline Delivery day Caged To place an order, always use our animal management system (iRATS)!
Envigo (NL) Wednesday 12:00 Tuesday
1 week later
Charles River (D)  Friday
of the following week
Janvier (F) Thursday
1 week later
Taconic M&B (DK) none ca. 1 - 3 weeks upon arrival
Jackson (USA) none depending on strain upon arrival

For animal transfers between different locations in Zurich please see Animal Transport Services.

Ordering deadlines and delivery dates of animal orders due to bank holidays:

Special deadlines and delivery dates around bank holidays 2018 (PDF, 11 KB)

PLEASE NOTE: Change of deadline on short notice for...

Charles River
Change of delivery dates:

31.07.2018 instead of 02.08.2018

14.08.2018 instead of 15.08.2018