Access to LASC-Vivaria for research personnel

New staff:  Procedure for obtaining access to animal rooms


  • Persons requiring access to animal rooms need to be informed by their group leader and/or secretariat that they have to attend 3 short introductory courses* before personal access is granted.
  • Persons are obliged to directly get in touch with the responsible staff at LASC (see below). Courses take place on a regular basis (approx. every 2 weeks).
  1. Andreas Rettich (Technical Manager) -> Introduction to the animal management system (account for iRATS)*, The registration form can be found here: Registration form iRATS
  2. Dr. Dagmar Schäfer -> Theoretical introduction to hygiene rules and legal regulations in LASC-rodent vivaria: The next course dates can be found here: Next course dates for theoretical introduction (see info-box). If you have further questions please contact.
  3. Dr. Fabienne Weber (Irchel, NGZ, AFS) and Dr. Mario Bonalli (Schlieren)-> Practical instruction on site. To make an appointment, please contact:
  • The new person is obliged to attend each course and to “collect” the confirmatory signatures of the responsible instructors.
  • The new person has to sign the LASC-User Agreement
  • When the signature list is complete, the LASC grants access to the animal rooms in question. Both, the access application form AND the user agreement (two documents!) must either be sent to Andreas Rettich by e-mail (a scanned version) by post (University of Zürich, LASC, Andreas Rettich, Winterthurerstrasse 190, 8057 Zürich), or handed over to him (office Y44G30).

Please download the document:


*Please note: Persons who only need access to the animal facility for 3 months or less do not have to attend the iRATS course.